BALSAMIC GIN (Alcohol-free)

24 April 2023

New versatile alcohol-free products based on Grape must with infused botanicals.  

They are used as ingredients to prepare or enhance cocktails and drinks, and also to dress vegetables or to prepare delicious marinades or vinaigrettes.  

These "Gins" are all based on Juniper berries and contain at leat 5 other natural  botanicals (fruit, herbs, spices...): 

WHITE BALSAMIC GIN REALE: Botanicals : Juniper, thyme, sage, rhubarb, lemon, liquorice.  

ORANGE BALSAMIC GIN REALE: Botanicals : Orange, Juniper, lemon, rosehip, rhubarb, liquorice, white pepper.

RESERVE BALSAMIC GIN REALE:Botanicals : Juniper, rhubarb, sage, aniseed, lemon, pepper.



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